A chance to get a fresh start!

Welcome to Poppy’s Island, a small islet off the coast of the Arcata Bay. The perfect place to get away from it all, at least for a little while, right?





The new guy and the POV character. It’s you!


Following a car accident that took his leg, Michael left the hospital shortly after being fitted for his prosthetic and traveled to Poppy’s Island to get some fresh air. While he seems to be getting along well and enjoying the company of the others, he just can’t get himself back on track. I wonder why that is?



Aspiring author. Voracious reader. Absolutely oblivious.


Faye’s ability to become completely absorbed in her pursuits is uncanny, maybe even supernatural. Underneath her bookish demeanor, however, lies a deep passion for her art. In a complete metamorphosis, Faye slips frequently into bouts of absurd method acting, all in hopes of capturing her characters. The question still remains: how far will she go?



Clumsy. Outgoing. Remarkably fireproof.


Though you’d be forgiven for thinking that Mary fumbles through her day to day life, she has proven to be an excellent chef, and a dutiful housekeeper. A walking contradiction, she produces as much chaos as she contains, all the while seeking to improve. But to what end? Sleepless nights and restless days, kept awake only by cup after cup of coffee. I can’t fathom why she does it to herself.



Athletic. Cutthroat competitor. Hates veggies.


You’re more likely to hear Kate before you see her. That said, the advance warning is a more than welcome when you’re dealing with Kate’s boundless energy. When she’s not running, she’s constantly roping others into over the top challenges. Her abrasiveness tends to wear on people, much to her dismay.



Smart as hell. Probably sleeping right now. She does that a lot.


The resident layabout, Nia can be found napping her days away whenever and wherever she pleases. Intruders who attempt to disrupt this lifestyle are met with a stone wall of dry wit and sarcastic resistance. Once you get to know her, Nia can be more empathetic than she seems, and underneath the wit lies genuine intelligence. Still, it’s a shame that getting through to her is nigh impossible.